Sling and Jump

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Throw the rope at the right time to reach the end of each level


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All ages

Sling and Jump is a fun 2D arcade game where you play a little guy who, by shooting ropes, has to successfully swing his way through all the different levels.

The gameplay in Sling and Jump is simple, and this just might be one of the reasons the game is so addictive. Each screen is made up of vertical towers emerging from either the top or the bottom of the screen, and a little character. When you touch the screen, your character will jump. Tap it again, and he'll throw a rope at the next tower hanging from the ceiling. If you let go of the rope and fall to the ground instead of landing on another tower, you'll lose. As you pass the levels, you'll unlock new character designs.

Sling and Jump is a clear example of how a simple dynamic can make for a really complicated game that, at the same time, is really fun and addictive. With a simple design and concept, Sling and Jump offers hours of fun and entertainment.
By Ashley

Requires Android 4.1 or higher